I took that extra fall back hour today (and then some) and slept in for a good long while. It’s the one day where you can get away with it, and still feel like there’s a whole lotta day left to spend. Mine rolled into a three-cup o’ coffee (some decaf, yes) and catching up on podcasts.

I managed to listen through the first four 43 folders episodes with David Allen. Some great thoughts on procrastination and teamwork especially. The Wasting Time episode with Ian Sholes is pretty damn funny. Needless to say, anytime I listen to (or read) inspiring GTD stuff, I wind up cranking through my action lists and in-baskets.

For me, one of the more interesting take-aways from any decent GTD article, tip, or hack has been the reinforcement of the fact that we’re not in this alone. I’m generally stuck up in my own brain – being reminded that I’m not dealing with unique issues is a big reassurance for me.

At risk of being inappropriately evangelistic, Getting Things Done is a fantastic system. If you’re feeling out of control, stressed, or are a knowledge worker of any type, I highly recommend GTD. It’s had a profound effect on both my stress level and productivity.

I also managed to catch up on the Battlestar Galactica episode commentary podcasts, and some Have Games, Will Travel ‘casts as well

I also discovered that my external media hard drive is completely full, and handle so much as a single tiny podcast more. Looks like 40gb is no longer sufficient for my music, video, tv show, podcast, and movie habit.